Specialized Phone Consultations:

Red Phone CallsIf you are on a budget or live out of the area, a
 Feng Shui Specialized Phone Consultation is for

Let’s get started!

A feng shui phone consultation is not only as effective as an in person consult, but may fit your budget as well! Whether you would like help with your existing home, or you are planning to build, remodel or renovate, a specialized phone consultation will be of great value for you.

What is Included

  • A complete analysis of your home or office space
  • A determination of why you may not be attracting financial or business success.
  • Why your relationships may be strained or lacking in intimacy.
  • How your environment may be contributing to emotional, or mental disturbances
    such as stress, anxiety, depression, or sleep disturbances for either you or your family.
  • What particular blocked energy could be affecting your physical health.
  • Why you may be experiencing that "stuck" feeling while finding it hard to move forward in life.

There are solutions!

During our consultation, I will take you through every room of your home or office space and offer simple recommendations and enhancements that you will easily be able to implement into your own home or office. The suggestions given are to help restore harmony and balance! You may begin to experience more success and prosperity, better health and happier relationships when your space is in balance!

How to Book you Consultation!

When you're ready to get started with your Feng Shui work-up, please choose below what service you would like help with and click on the appropriate link. You will then be able to download a specific set of forms. Please fill them out and either fax them back to me at (661)902-6904, or if you prefer, you may email to me at: egwright@way2fengshui.com.

 Residential Feng Shui Consultation Form

Business Feng Shui Consultation Form

After receiving your forms, I will review the application and call you with my preliminary diagnosis. This call will take approximately 15 minutes. We will then make an appointment for your very thorough one hour phone consultation with me.

Please understand, there will be no charge for your preliminary diagnosis and you will only be charged for your one hour phone appointment once it has been booked.

One Hour Phone Consultation Fee: $360.00

If you decide you would prefer an in-home consultation please click here.


Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and its potential. Please remember that Feng Shui is not guaranteed to produce all the results you desire as success will vary on an individual basis. Since Feng Shui will never produce negative results, patience is often required to see the positive changes that are hoped for. We disclaim any liability or damages in connection with the use of the products, information, or services provided.